IMPORTANT : Québec & Canada special measures / What you need to know

We will suspend our operations for some customers. Read our message.

According to the information currently available from the Québec government, we will change our operations for the coming days :

March 25th to April 13th
Because of the online nature of our business, we can continue to operate and serve our customers whose businesses is not the object of restrictions tied to emergency measures.

Temporarily, we will not be serving customers located in the following provinces :  Québec, British Columbia and Prince Edward Island.

From March 25th to April 13th, we ask that you do not place new orders if your business is the object of restrictions tied to emergency measures. To be notified of any changes in the current situation, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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We are ready to do our part in these troubled times and comply to the measures put in place for the public safety.

We are also commited to stay informed on the matter, and we will communicate with you should the situation evolve.

Take good care of yourselves and your family. We will be in touch!